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IntraLan’s services include:

  • Computer network design, from 2 to 200 computers.
  • On-site computer support.
  • Complete or partial computer network solutions.
  • E-mail systems, single or multiple sites.
  • Data recovery service.
  • Fail-safe and fall-over systems.
  • Automation of computer processes.
  • Security and Firewall installations.
  • Remote access,Terminal Server,  etc.
  • Virtual desktop solutions (VDI).
  • Virtual servers:  VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix.
  • Backup solutions - D2D, D2T - Click To See Diagram
  • Cloud solutions.

Dealing with reputable products and service providers:

Computers are complex systems and Murphy’s Laws do apply. IntraLan therefore does not deal with substandard parts, components or suppliers. With this policy we ensure that you grow your confidence in our products, our support and our company so that we retain a satisfied client.

Main Products & Services

Worldwide and world renowned, millions of HP customers rely on consistent quality results, so a commitment to excellence is Hewlett Packard’s top priority.

From HP consumer products like printers and desktop computers, all the way up to world class leading servers and services. More often you pay the same price or even less than compatible computer products, but you get the very best quality and solutions. For servers you can get up to five years onsite warranty at minimal costs.

Windows Small Business Server is an affordable, all-in-one solution to reduce complexity and increase manageability of server technology in a small business environment from one to 75 users.

  • Simplify Small Business IT
  • Increase Business Productivity
  • Help Protect Business Data
  • Reduce IT Costs
  • IntraLan is a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist
  • SIP, VOIP, & Analogue PABX
  • World’s best and most cost effective PABX solution by the creators of Skype.
  • Rock solid reliability running on Windows (even virtualized).
  • No proprietary hardware makes it easy to manage, backup and support.
  • Completely software based - Easier to manage.
  • More features at less cost; free inter-office calls.

Server Virtualization


As the most amazing technological break through of the last two decades, virtualization allows multiple virtual machines to run on one physical machine. This has huge implications for cost saving, air conditioning saving, power saving, and efficiency. Instead of buying 20 physical servers, you only buy one physical server and run all 20 servers virtually.

Application Virtualization - VDI

This is the most recent breakthrough in virtualization. Instead of installing Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, etc), and most other programs, on all of your workstations in your company, you only install one copy as a virtual application shared by all workstations. Each workstation retains it’s own configuration. Now only one copy of all applications need to be installed, updated, and backed up. Deployment of new workstations now can be done in minutes, instead of days.

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